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Bullet’s Sporting and Hunting PSP Lic. F01255

For level 3 you must complete online training before you can book your hands on portion. 

Security Guard San Antonio Training Level 2-4 Training Courses

You will pay a separate fee for the online training, this fee paid covers your hands on portion only.

Level 2 Security

Texas Penal Code
Radio Procedures
Prevention and Deterrence
Report Writing
Types of Offenses
Emergency Response
Conflict Resolution

Level 4 Security

Body Guarding Strategies
Unarmed Defensive Tactics
OC Spray Theory
Concepts in Personal Protection
The Use of Force Continuum
  • For Level 2, applicants will be taught the basics of private security and what’s required to become licensed and certified as private security guards in Texas
  • Level 2 training is a 6-hour mandatory course mandated by the State, which can be completed over the course of several live training sessions.
  • It should be noted, however, that Level 2 graduates are not permitted to carry firearms when on the job. If you’re applying for a job where you want or need to carry a weapon, you’ll need to take the Level 3 class. This is detailed below.
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